Monday, 18 November 2013

Benjabelle Original Brush Tree, my review

First time I heard of Benjabelle Brush Tree some time ago from the blog Hunger For Beauty. I almost bought it but then an offer from the Ula-la-beauty store came and I received one Original Brush Tree for testing. I thought it was a good opportunity to see a new solution to my brush problem.

Ula-la-beauty is a Benjabelle authorized reseller.

Finally an end to the problem of drying and storage! Simple and easy idea!
You can read more about the Benjabelle inventors

Product: Benjabelle Original Brush, Mini Brush Tree, The Spinner

Colours available: Black, white, pink

Price: Original Brush Tree £30.99

Mini Brush Tree £21.99

The Spinner £9.99

Benjabelle Original Brush Tree is made of plastic and holders for brush handles are made of soft silicone. The tree consists of three components. This arrangement allows drying brushes vertically, protecting against  accumulation of water at the bases of brushes. And because they hang vertically the shape of each brush is unaffected and stays the same. Keeping water out of the ferrule is very important. This is a convenient, seemingly simple but a very clever product.

Super easy to assemble.

This is how it looks in use.

Different types of larger or smaller face make-up brushes fit easily into the holders.

The tree is straightforward to store away too. I’m so happy to find this system for my brushes. I can also just dry wet brushes and I like keeping them there and have them all in one place.

My brushes dry much faster with the Brush Tree and it’s much more hygienic. It’s easy to store when not in use.

Benjabelle Original Brush Tree this is a fantastic product and I also bought Mini Brush Tree. The two Trees create a successful team - according to the inventors’ slogan - Your brushes deserve the best :)

There is also The Spinner that I’m planning to buy. It will be an excellent complement to the Trees. Trees will became even more functional with The Spinner.


  1. Hello Hexxana, thank you for your review and the great effort you put to make detailed pictures. Much appreciated. Kindest regards, ulalabeauty Team

  2. This is really good product, but I think its too much expensive.
    With brushes looks so funny :)))

  3. So, I think it's very good products! Bu I like wood...
    Where are you? Last post is from November:( I will be think about this;)


  4. cieszę się że się szablon przydaje:) proponuję format daty zmienić na taki bez określenia dnia tygodnia wtedy się zmieści w okienku:)

    1. Thank you for your help :)
      I adjusted the font size because it fits better with the size of the window :)